Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another great few days.
We went out on the boat again with N&S and had a morning of skiing and wakeboarding followed by hot ribena ( yum) and coffee! This time of year is spectacular for being out on the bay - the water has been way calmer than it was during summer. Then we went for a big roast dinner over at N&S yum.
The next day a photographer from a magazine came up and took loads of photos for an article we've been asked to do about moving t New Zealand. She was really lovely and made it good fun. Then we went to see the accountant ( yeh! fun!) then faffed about a bit and went to Francis and Andys for tea.
Today the woodsplitter came ( eventually) and Paul was round and he and lloys did a load of chainsawing of trees that had come down in the storn, then chopped up tonnes of wood that we had, it will save us having to chop it with an axe - so yipppee! It is amazing how it works.
The branch that came off the oak is really beautiful wood so we've got the guy from Wyldewood coming to have a look at it to see if it can be made into an outdoor bench. It would just be lovely to keep a bit of it.We also have a new plan! Down in the far corner of the farm there is a lovely bit that goes right down to the waterfall and a swimming hole. Its really sheltered and probably the prettiest bit of the farm really. So I think we're going to put a wee 'house' like crayfish cottage down there and make it have a teeny mezzanine bed so we can sleep there and have picnics and stuff - it'll be so pretty. Maybe next winter, we'll see how things go.

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