Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A new addition to the family. I had seen fluffy kittens advertised in TradeMe and had been looking at them for a few days - I emailled the lady and the 2 long haired girls were still left so we went to get one today, up to Taipa. Just gorgeous! So we called her Maude. Lloyd took her to the vets for jags and checks and turns out Maude is a B0y! He looks far too pretty to be a boy, but there you go.
Meet No name!

He has the best nature, just all purry and affectionate. He was brought up in a family that had kids and dogs and other animals so he seems completely unfazed by anything really. We are introducing him gently to ours - Bob wants to lick him, Brodie is being surprisingly gentle, Kopi ran away, Pango and Pixie seem totally uninterested! At the moment he's in residence in the spare room with outings to the rest of the house.

Update! He's been here for 2 days now and has settled in so well. He is now in the livingroom cos it's cosy for him. He seems perfectly happy there with his litter tray and food and toys, even when we leave the door to the kitchen open he doesn't go through - I think he's just getting comfortable.
The dogs love him and he is completely unfazed by them. Pixie probably hasnt even noticed he's here and Kopi, Pango and Banana are hovering at the door but certainly haven't made friends just yet.
Think its time Brodie had a wee hair cut!

A wee update, he has grown loads and is almost due his second lot of injections so he can go out. We have no idea what to call him - he was a maude! So far its been Boris, Murphy, Le freek, and no name!!! We sort of call him 'you freak' or something to that effect. Poor thing!

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