Tuesday, July 24, 2007

All Blacks v's Australia
Lloyd, Nick, Sara, Chris and I all went down to Auckland to see the All Blacks game. It was a bit of an important game as a lot was at stake - don't ask me what cos I have no clue! But it was great fun.
When we arrived at the stadium it was absolutely torrential rain. Nick had got us all huge bin liners and so our plan was to put them on but I lost mine so poor Chris gave me his one - and thank goodness as I would have been absolutely drenched. The All Blacks did the Haka and even though it was brilliant to see I really liked the old one better, and am sorry I will probably never see it in 'real life'
The game could have been spectacular, but as I don't understand rugby I couldn't really say, either way the spectacle is really worth it. The AB's won fairly comfortably.
Then it was the trek back to town, we managed to get a bus having somehow jumped the queue big time - there wasn't really very much organisation! By the time we got back it was getting late and most places to eat were closed, we found an italian restaurant down at the viaduct and just ate! I was so tired and hungry by this time I had just about lost the will to live!

Next morning we had a lovely breakfast then started the drive back with a long stop at Puhoi to sit out in the sun and drink beer!

Nice to be home.

Last weekend we went for a drive with the Owenses, we had a lovely lunch at manganoui then we took them all for a bit of dune driving at the beach we found last time. Poppy and Di had a drive and Reef had his first 'sunbathe'!

It was one of those really lovely days.

The weather since then had been absolutely terrible, with only a couple of days nice. We have had rain to end all rain, powercuts, trees falling down left right and centre! Thankfully it seems to be past now and we're back to being just a normal winter.
We're having fun and games with three of our cows who seem to be masters at escaping through electric fences, barbed wire! They're really pretty though!

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