Saturday, October 06, 2007

We are home!

Had a day and a bit in Bangkok and the hotel we were staying at was really lovely - so basically we just slept and hung about in the room!! Sad I know - but we were exhausted. We did venture out to the night market, but really we thought it was full of tat and knock offs! It was unbelievably hot and humid so we went back to the room - with lovely air-conditioning and a beg bed and slept again!
Then we had the other half of the long haul to get us back to Auckland. It was absolutely fine and Thai air are really excellent.
The last leg of the journey was Auckland to Kerikeri - and it was a nightmare - it was windy and thundery - and the tiny plane was blowing about all over the place - truly terrifying. Never been so happy to make it back onto firm ground.
Then we were home.

It was absolutely brilliant to see the dogs. They were so happy to see us! Our house sitters had been totally brilliant and looked after everything wonderfully.
We had everyone round for roast chicken!

Since we've been back the weather has been glorious - it feels like summer, but its only really just spring.
Today we set to work on the chicken run so we can get some chickens for fresh eggs. We worked really hard and got it into much better shape - just have a wee bit to do and maybe we can get some chickens next weekend - hopefully!

Us before the dinner

Tonight there was a big dinner at Crayfish cottage for Lloyds birthday. It was absolutely lovely!
Poppy, Richard and Lloyd



The guys shucking the scallops

much later.....

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