Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We have done so much since we got back!
The veggie garden has been completely weeded and replanted for summer - we've got broad beans, spring onions, courgette, water melon, about 17 different sorts of Chillis, red onions, those little onion things - shallots , lettuces, etc etc!
We finished the chicken run - there wasnt a little left last time - it was another full days work - and the wee house has been cleaned out ( white tail spider hell) and painted. Yesterday we went to a sawmill, as one of lloyds patients works there and said we could have loads of sawdust for their beds and the floor of their house - it was ace! there was a pile of sawdust about the size of our house and we were jumping about in it. So that's all done now - we're just waiting to hear back from the chicken farm so we can go and pick some up.

The garden is back to being weeded and grass cut, however the woolshed is fuller!

The big thing we've done is knocked the bedrooms into one with a french door dividing them and we got a new wardrobe made so we can fit everything in. It's actually been a huge amount of hard work - If I have to paint another french door I think I may need to hit something. And the wardrobes are huge and took 3 coats of paint. We had to empty the 2 rooms out so everything went into the livingroom - it was such a mess we moved out and went to live in the Acorn - which was lovely.

Yesterday the builder finished ( Mat - the total star ) I finished the painting ( late) and today we moved back - we started around 8am and finished - well now - 5pm - totally exhausted BUT it looks amazing! We just love it! It's the nicest bedroom I've ever had. Very very happy.

ok you can't really see what its like! But on that wall - it was cut out for the french doors.

this was scaring me!

in the process


the glass has been put in, the fan has been moved over our bed and I managed to find an old frame for a mirror.

I think the cats thought we did it for them!

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