Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Long time since the last update. It's hard to keep this up to date when there's so much happening!

Still no chickens, but we do have a lovely lady keeping some pullets for us till the week before christmas when they're big enough to be cat proof. It'll probably be another 4 weeks ish for them to start laying after that. We have names - Maude ( at last I can name a girl animal Maude!) Matilda, Millicent and Mabel

Also the Canterbury was sunk to form a dive site in deep water cove. It was an absolutely fantastic day out. The sun was shining and it was stunning - they couldn't have got a better day, and it was about time they had some luck as it had been a really difficult thing to organise. We went out on our boat and met up with everyone - there were about 1000 boats all watching. We had Millie and Charlotte on with us too. It was delayed by ages but there was a great atmosphere out on the water. Eventually it was sunk and it went down beautifully! Coming back was absolutely mental - all the boats left at the same time so the water was churned up like a washing machine - I was nervous wee Ladybird wouldnt be able to cope very well but she was brilliant and so was lloyds driving.The day after it was sunk we went out for dinner with some of the navy guys who had been responsible for setting off the explosives and it was funny to get all the stories!

There was also the Waimate North show - it seems to get bigger and bigger each year and it was good fun - and this is where we found the lady with the chickens!

Ness and I did a photoshoot with Reef dressed as a cherub for christmas! heehee!

Mum has just been out for the last 2 weeks so we've been zooming around shopping, faffing about and generally been having a lovely time. The weather has all of a sudden turned into summer- even though it's still really just spring. At the weekend N&S had a pool opening party!
Sun was blazing down and we had a brilliant barbeque. it was just one of these really cool days.

It was also our wedding anniversary - five years! so we went with mum to Kamakura over in Russell the night before and had possibly the best meal we've ever had.

Yesterday L and I headed off on our own with he dogs - we realised how much they wanted to go for a trip to the beach when we opened the boot of the car to get a box out and they both jumped in and just sat there looking excited! So it had to be done and it was stunning!
We just seem to have been so busy recently - just doing stuff!! And it's only going to get madder - loads of guests for christmas and new year.

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