Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It has rained, or been pretty miserable since I last wrote - christmas is almost here and the weather is still rubbish :O(

We do, however, have our chickens! Yippee. We've had them for a couple of weeks now. One Saturday we were bored with the rain so we called the lady who had them and asked if we could see them- she said yes - come on over - so we did and took home our 4 new chooks. They have grown loads since we got them - this picture makes them look a bit mad - they're not!! I must take a nicer one of them.

We've pretty much been gardening like demons though - planted a few new trees and lots of wee plants here and there. Veggies have suffered a bit - well actually that's not true - they're all ok except the tomatoes which have rotted with the weather so we've got more to plant out - just waiting for it to dry up a wee bit.
The last couple of days the sun has really been trying to poke through the clouds but just not hard enough, it's also been incredibly humid. Moan moan!!

Tonight we're going out for a pizza before we're descended on by loads of people for christmas. Joff and Hilary on Christmas Eve, then Pauline, and Neil and Jo and kids a bit later and mum and dad as well. It's going to be lovely ( but busy)

Oh meant to post this in the last entry - this is an aerial shot of what the bay looked like when the Canterbury was sunk in some ways it doesnt really do it justice as the small boats all join up so it looks like there were less than there were.
( I didnt take this pic)

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