Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Can't believe Christmas and New Year are over already!
It's been really good.
Joff and Hilary arrived and it's been just lovely having them, then Pauline arrived a few days later. It had felt a bit rushed till the last couple of days when we've managed to chill more, can't believe they leave tomorrow to head south in their camperan. But even with all the celebrations, in between we've managed to do some bits and pieces, like a trip to Russell, a few meals out, dinners at friends and a teeny bit of sightseeing.

Joff meeting Brodie

oh yum

Christmas day was a wee bit dull ( weatherwise!) after a few days of glorious weather, but at least that black cloud that was hanging over Northland finally left us. And we did manage to eat outside so shouldn't complain!
Christmas lunch
christmas lunch debris

After christmas we went on the cruise round the islands and got THE best day for it, bluest of skies and warmest of weather, and a smothering of the highest sun factor we could find! Went through the Hole in the Rock again :o)

Last night was hogmanay - so that was down at the beach as usual- we went for a formal affair this year!! so there were about 30 folk down at the beach munching garlic bread and chilli in various states of formalness ranging from a dinner jacket, to old school blazer, black full length sequinned frocks to jeans and shorts and t-shirts! It was lovely. Hogmanay was celebrated at Dolphin Lookout time ( 2 hours early) then home to celebrate the real one in the spa with champagne and shooting stars.
Us about as formal as we get !

Today has been great - we've all done exactly what you should do on new year's day - that is - veg out in front of the tv and watch a couple of films - can't recommend 'Black Sheep' highly enough - heehee, eat great steak, veg more, eat fab soup then veg some more...bliss...

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