Tuesday, January 08, 2008

We've had a very sad start to the new year as wee Freaky was knocked down a few days ago. It's just incredibly sad, he had the sweetest nature . It's totally knocked us for six, the house is very different without him here, all he did was purr and make us happy, we both miss him terribly.
Rest in peace, our beautiful boy.

So onwards

The chickens are doing brilliantly they're growing by the day and I find it very therapeutic ( is that how you spell that?) just watching them and having a chat!
The calves that were born a few weeks ago are also growing huge! And the cows are looking well.

What a difference a year makes to The Acorn as well - all the planting that Lloyd and I did over last winter is really coming into its own now and growing well. We're going to have a new wood fence put round it sometime this month, hopefully. There are also a few lots of paying guests too which is always nice.

We're off down to Auckland this Friday to see Joff and Hilary for the night before they head home.

And now it's raining - which is actually good as we hadn't had any for about three weeks - so the grass needs it.

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