Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lloyd and I went down to Auckland to see Joff, Hilary and Pauline on their last night before they headed home. We booked into the Hilton Apartments, we've stayed there a lot and they are incredibly inexpensive and right on the waterfront.( book through We went to White for dinner and it was just lovely - it was a great last night and we had a brilliant time. We'll miss them.
Orewa beach
We had to leave pretty early on Saturday to get back up here for Judy's birthday - the drive up was really busy so we were late! But we did discover a lovely deli in Newmarket? Something starting with "Z" ! (lloyds just told me it was Zarbo)
We had a great afternoon and Chris and Judy's, much alcohol was consumed by some people. You know who you are....

Today Sarah and Nick and Lloyd and I went out 'fishing' as per usual we caught nothing but 2 tiddlers which had to go back - nothing in 2 hours!! We even splurged on this new soft bait which is supposed to be the answer to everything - yeh right. We are so rubbish. But it was an excellent day out - I am now the proud owner of a half red face and a half white face - it looks absolutely stupid. I was covered in factor 30 too - not fair!

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