Thursday, March 06, 2008

Another year, another birthday! But this time it's a biggie. I can hardly believe I hit 40 but hit it I have.
Originally the plan was to have a fairly big garden party, with a huge marquee. So we invited about 50 people and kids for the Saturday before my birthday. A marquee was borrowed and Nick, Chris and Sara came over and we managed to put it up. About three hours later torrential rain started to fall and gale force winds started to blow. They didn't stop for 3 days. So the party was a washout and got cancelled. Amazingly when we took the marquee down it had weathered the storm perfectly.

So all of that was a bit disappointing really. However on the morning of my real birthday we got up to glorious sunshine. Someone likes me afterall! Lloyd had taken the day off work!
I just wanted a family day at the beach first with the dogs, then lunch at Manganoui and dinner in the evening over in Russell at the Thai restaurant. So that's exactly what we did and it all ended up being perfect.
It was lovely to have mum and dad over for it, also great that Neil, Jo, Katie and Jamie were here too. I got loads of amazing presents - and a fishing rod!! Who hoooo!!! maybe I'll catch something now.

This weekend Lloyd and I are going down to Auckland, we're staying at the Hilton cos we love it and he's booked a couple of lovely restaurants and we're just going to spend the days doing whatever we want! The boat show is on so we may go to that for a couple of hours and Kelly Tarltons for a laugh!!

Mum and dad went over to see Carol cos she's making dad a lovely jacket.

Then mum cleaned the house!!

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