Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Auckland from a different angle
very hot!!

We've just been to Auckland for the best weekend! It was to round off my birthday celebrations. So Lloyd booked us into the Hilton as it really is our favourite place to stay there. We headed down on Saturday with a stop for breakfast. Got there about 12ish, checked in, then went shopping, first to Ponsonby Road where L went to Marvel to see if he could replace the Robin t-shirt - no such luck but the guy told us about Fly - who print the t's so we headed over to them. They didnt have the actual one but he got another and the guys are great. They have this cool design studio that we just got to look around.
We faffed about in Ponsonby for a while, then went to Parnell which was ok, but a bit up its bum, so we went to Newmarket, and Zarbo! After all this we were tired so went back to the hotel for a veg.

In the evening we went to Magnum for dinner - very good, very loud and very trendy!
In the middle of the night the biggest cruise liner I have ever seen arrived outside our bedroom window. ( looked awful! everyone was really old!) heeheeh

Sunday dawned clear and sunny and hot again. We went to Urban Loft which is lovely, but way expensive. Then to the boat show - which was good, but a bit samey! We found our perfect boat though - a 5.5m buccaneer with seats at the front - stunning and a mere $49,000. In our dreams ! :O)

Dinner was at a brilliant Thai restaurant over in Parnell.

On Monday we went to Kelly Tarltons!! It was actually ace! we Loved it.

then home via Leigh - sawmill cafe was closed so made do with fish! Then picked up an oak table from One Tree Point that I'd bought on TM.

We went out for dinner with mum and dad to Cilantro as a welcome home!


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