Saturday, March 29, 2008

the early morning sun rise through the mist

Stuff and stuff!
Lloyd and I had an early morning start last week and went fishing with Wendy and Sharon. We trotted out in their rowing boats - one towing the other as the oars didnt work. Here's me with all me flash new birthday fishing gear, and Wendy and sharon with wee reels - guess who caught fish - well it wasn't me ( as usual!) They kindly shared theirs with us though. It was a scorching hot day - Lloyd wore my hat!biggest thing on the hook all day - the bait!

Then easter Monday it was Reef's christening down at the Marae. We all had the traditional welcome and lots of singing.
It was absolutely amazing. After the ceremony we all went back to Driftwood for food. It was just one of the nicest days. The photos absolutely do not do it all justice, it was so hard taking pics in the Marae cos I was quite far away.

Then last night there was a huge fundraising thing at the High School, they're sending their Kapa haka group to Italy, and need to raise a lot of money for travel, Thy had this ready steady cook thing all set up with Paul and another chef doing the cooking- it was absolutely hysterical and a totally brilliant night out - no pics cos I forgot the camera! doh!

Off to Richard and Isla's tonight at the beach for a huge barby.

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