Monday, March 31, 2008

Yesterday we took the car ferry over to Russell and went fishing off the pier, we just took wee reels and Lloyd caught an octopus! Well it caught him really - in fact once it was almost out of the water it let go of the line - I think it was laughing.
Then we wondered up to the flagstaff.

It was a lovely day out but the weather was a wee bit rubbish. We thought we may go back over on Wednesday once it gets dark and try out luck with the fish then.

Today we went up to 90 mile beach and beyond, we went on this mad hovercraft thing - it was absolutely brilliant! It was windy as anything.lowering it down onto the sand.

Jo looks like she's going to fly a plane!this was in the middle of the sea on a sandbar!

windswept and interesting!

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