Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The poor dogs are wounded soldiers just now ( Well apart from Bob) Tallulah cut her foot quite badly a couple of days ago down at the stream, probably on a rock or something. She does rather leap about like a complete twit down there. It was healing well but I think we took the bandage off a day too early so it's had to be all taped up again.

Then Brodie woke up this morning with another hot spot - well the beginnings of one - it's such a shame for him. So we sprayed him with the tea tree stuff and covered it in antibiotic cream that has a slight anaesthetic in it too, stuck a bucket on his head and taped up his foot ( with 3M wonder tape!) so he can't scratch at it. He looks a right sorry state, but hopefully we caught it in time and he'll only need to be like this for a couple of days.

Here they are eating bonesBob is Bob, our rock hard (softy!) wee man who is fit as a fiddle and always fluffy.

On a positive animal note - Maude went all broody so we decided to search out some fertile eggs for her. This meant we had a lovely trip over to Russell to a farm there where they have heritage breeds of chickens. We got 6 New Hampshire Red eggs and sneaked them under her when she wasn't looking, she just sort of purred and settled herself down on them. She'll be like that for 21 days now.
If all goes well we'll have 6 chicks - and fingers crossed more are girls than roosters! But that's just the luck of things.
So come the 4th of November we may have babies!

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