Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Leigh Sawmill Cafe a bit of an institution, but the one time we tried to go it was shut! This time we planned it better!
Pete had spoken to Lloyd and mentioned that the Wellington Ukukele Band were playing and did we fancy it. We did, so tickets were purchased.
All of us stayed with friends of Pete and Tina's who live near by. The car was packed, us and the dogs and the trip was a go!
We took the long route, by mistake, a lovely detour of about an hour round gorgeous, but incredibly winding roads only to come back to the main road about 10 minutes further on.
Eventually we reached Matakana, late but in one piece. Had a delicious dinner then headed down to the Sawmill.

The warm up act was a guy who rapped - in an amusing way! He was very good and a total piss take.

Then the band
The sawmill cafe is a brilliant venue. We had a great night, the band were ace! But (nerdily) the highlight of the night for me was that Amanda Billing ( her name will mean nothing to most of you but for any Kiwi readers she's Dr Sara in Shortland Street - my guilty pleasure !) was a guest singer and then stood behind us when she was finished and struck up a conversation. I knew I had to ask for a photo however daft it made me look! So I did and she did and was lovely!
I look a bit dorky, but at least my hair is a shiny as hers!!
All in all a lovely night.

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