Thursday, November 12, 2009

Man, that's got to hurt!

One of our Minorcas laid this. None of them are particularly large chooks so I can hardly believe one laid an egg this size!!

One on left is a normal sized egg.
I was expecting one to be walking slightly oddly, but nope!

Lloyd just broke it open to add to some fried rice and guess what....
Our first ever double yolker! Whoohoo ( ok little things make me happy!)


  1. Wow, that's a biggie! My last lot of eggs I bought at a different market I happened to be at and they were huge. AND at least half of them were double yokers. I'd bought two trays with 20 each on them, so that's about 10 doubles. Put some of my recipes out a little :) I've been meaning to look up what makes a chicken lay a double yoker....

  2. Anonymous5:17 am

    That is one big egg!!!

  3. My son used to get so excited when little if he got a double yolker.
    Your eggs look delish!

  4. Finding a double yolker is like finding a little treasure !


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