Monday, January 18, 2010

It's been a very busy day today.

Finally something happened that I've been wanting to do for 4 years! Work started on the area round the native bed. It was a raised bed surrounded by wood. The wood was all rotting so it was beginning to collapse. We also wanted to remove all the gravel and build a deck so that we have an outside sitting area. The deck will be smaller than the gravelled area so we'll then re-grass what's left and plant more palm trees. We were supposed to be getting this started weeks ago, but for various reasons it only got started today, but how brilliant!
 Stu came round and removed all the old rotting wood, then cleared the gravel. After that he went to get the rocks and once he got back he began to place them all round the raised bed.
ok, using a bit of imagination, in front of the rocks will be some ground plants, then coming up to the plants will be a sort of rectangular deck. This will have a round table on one side and the spa on the other. Surrounding the front and edges of the deck will be river stones - with me? Then the rest will be grass with palm trees. It's got to look worse before it'll look better!

The next job of the day was to make some brownies LOVELY RECIPE HERE I'm not a natural in the kitchen, I find everything a right guddle, make a terrible mess and basically splatter the ingredients all over my laptop ( which I use for the recipe!)
I like mixing though!

Then, finally I got round to braiding the garlic. It's been drying nicely out on the table. I've not braided it before, I had an attempt last week but thought - this is hard! However, it seemed easier today so I just got it done.
looking sillyily ( is that a word) pleased with it!

Here it is in all it's lovely glory.

...and Lloyd has been doing this!

We're having people round for dinner so he made coleslaw, tomato salad and potato salad - everything is from the garden ( except the pine nuts) ...we're also having home made burgers.


  1. Your deck plans sound wonderful! Please post progress pics! I think I can smell the garlic here, thats a nice harvest!

  2. Hi
    Your landscaping project sounds great.The garlic plaits look good too. Last year I made the mistake of leaving mine to dry too long and it was impossible to plait them. This year I didn't grow any.
    Thanks for your info re chooks and ducks, very helpful x

  3. I love the sound of your landscaping plan, and just look at those huge rocks roll down the truck, nice! Tasty looking spread too!

  4. Like the pics of the rocks falling - very cool. I'm into rocks at the mo, they make great edging for vege beds (I'll probably regret it in Winter when I find all the snails hiding there).

    And that's a good tip from Cabbage Tree Farm - I'll remember that.

  5. Al in all an extremely fruitful day I'd say. Isn't it exciting when plans finally get put into action.
    The deck area sounds like it will fit in nicely there. Great looking garlic too - wow I'm impressed. We only seem to be good at garlic chives! Impressive work in the kitchen department too.

  6. more happening today, the other side of the bed is getting the rocks placed. The man who's doing it has had some really great ideas for the shape of the deck and stuff. It's very exciting. I reckon we're going to have an earth space there for a wee while yet though! thanks for all your lovely comments. xx


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