Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MMmmmmm Brownies

I'm going to let everyone into a secret. I have made brownies lots of times, hundreds of times, millions of times ( ok I exaggerate) you get the idea, though. BUT they've always come from ...wait for it....sshhhh... a packet!
So yesterday when I made them from scratch I was quite pleased but thought it was definitely a lot more hassle - see, told you I wasn't a natural in the kitchen.
However, last night when I gave them to everyone they all thought they were far superior to the packet variety, so forever, I will now have to do them the 'long, messy' way. Boo!


  1. hehehe, you should have stayed with the packet mix! They'll know the difference if you go back :P
    Have you seen the brownie pan that come with a divider? No need to cut the brownies and all are an equal size, my kind of pan :)

  2. how right you are!!

    I haven't seen that type of pan, but it would certainly help me. Mind you, this lot stuck in the baking tray and the top half fell off, I had to stick it all back on again, it was a right mess! I even greased the tray and everything.

  3. Glad that they went down well Laura :) dont know why the top fell off, its never happened to me.

  4. That's cos you;re probably a good cook!! I'm not! heehee I just rammed it back on and it stuck so no one was any the wiser. :)


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