Tuesday, February 09, 2010

What dogs get up to when they think you're not looking...
Yes, he makes himself comfortable and pretends he can't hear you when you sneak into the room to take a photo of him breaking the rules.
Bad Brodie.

Last night we picked the first of the barlotti beans. I've never grown these before, but will most definitely be doing it again next year. I planted about 15 seeds and they all germinated and grew. I was slightly disappointed, though as I had thought they would go a similar way to the scarlet runners ~ somewhat mad. They didn't, they just grew to about 2ft high and didn't throw out lots of runners or anything. I did get a really good crop of the prettiest beans ever, but will definitely plant a lot more next year.

Something else I'll be planting more of are cornflowers, they are the most stunning blue colour.


  1. Saw your kitchen over at Down to Earth, and just had to stop by for a visit. You have a lovely blog, I think I will return often.
    Oh, and I am in love with your dog: he looks just mine! :)

  2. Sublime picture of the cornflower. And thanks so much for saving some cleome seeds for me. Now we'll just have to meet for real one day!

  3. lol brodie... wooley pillow pose

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous bean! I wonder if I could grow those in VA, US?

  5. Have not tried growing those beans before, but just might after seeing yours - they look great don't they?

    Naughty Brodie! Strangely enough we have a naughty pup in our house too who looks a bit like Brodie and has similar habits.

  6. Anonymous4:26 pm

    The beans are such a beautiful color.

    Your dog is a sweetie-pie.

  7. Beautiful beans! And it's always funny about the dogs---my two will always try to push the limits whenever possible. :-) Beautiful couch too!

  8. thank you xo.sorcha.ox

    Ms lottie - yep we will!!

    Naughty woolly pillow!

    The beans not only look beautiful but taste amazing, very meaty.

    ta SA, it is a lovely looking sofa, but perhaps the most uncomfortable one in the world!! :(


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