Sunday, June 20, 2010

After the rain
there are beautiful things to see.

My brand new roses are sprouting wee shoots already. Can't tell you how happy this makes me feel.
new life.

Daffodils coming, even though it's winter and I'm not quite sure what they're playing at.

Stunning Magnolia

the last of the small dahlias, looking a little worse for wear but beautiful all the same

and proteas, spectacular when in open flower, but just as gorgeous like this


  1. Stunning photos Laura.

  2. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Beautiful pictures.

  3. Ah, lov-er-ly!

    We've got a lone jonquil plant by our back door that's flowering already, miles ahead of all the others...?

    My roses are very sad customers indeed, have been ever since I planted them. I hereby suck at looking after roses, boo-hoo!

  4. What joy to behold your emerging blooms. I look forward to seeing that last one in its full glory.



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