Friday, June 18, 2010

Man! That's HUGE!
Presenting Abagail's second egg since her moult. Seriously the pic doesn't do it justice. It weighs a ton  tonne  lot and is just gigantic.
Maybe it's a double yolker.

We had a biggie a while back but this one makes that one look like a bantam egg!



  1. Ooh that would make yer eyes water!

  2. And I love your egg cups too were they JJ size - oh er Mrs!!! I am just laughing away to myself at all the silly Carry On type jokes that are going through my head - thank you lovley Laura and enjoy.....

  3. That is a double yoker FOR SURE!!! I used to send these to kindy with my children to freak all the other kids out when the teacher cracked them open...
    Did you give her an ice pack?

  4. I'll bet it is a double yolker too.

  5. Its huge! love your Egg cups.

  6. Go Abigail!! She's just making sure you appreciate her...!

  7. Anonymous4:34 am

    Wow!! That had to hurt.

  8. Ouch! It would be like giving birth all over again!
    You could make an omlette out of that one. Hope you thanked her?

  9. I like our blog!
    We get some like that and they are always double yoked! We call them "lucky eggs" and make special gifts of them to friends.


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