Monday, June 14, 2010

 Something lovely arrived ....
I was terribly organised and way back in March I ordered 4 roses for planting this winter. 
This is the photo that made me want to get some roses for the garden. I took it in summer on Christmas Day. I just thought how lovely it would be to have roses on our own table from our own garden.
Well they just arrived and I am so pleased! The courier truck didn't want to come down our drive - not sure why as they delivered a 40ft container of our furniture when we moved here buy hey ho! L nipped down to the village and met the driver.

Aren't they pretty. All hybrid teas with a strong fragrance. ( all in shades of pink with one cream, not sure why the photos have come out making them look salmon - salmon they are not!)
Pretty much the second they were unpacked I panted them in the spot I'd chosen. Of course it started raining ( now that I've done it the sun is shining again!) I think they should do well as it's a sunny well drained part of the garden, just as you come up the path to the house, so I'm hoping the smell will be gorgeous.

Now one thing I am not quite so happy about...

how on earth do you get mud out of nails. Never a problem I've really had before!


  1. Anonymous12:41 pm

    I love roses!! Can't help you with dirt under the fingernails as I still bite mine!!

  2. Nice flowers, and yep one of the downsides of having nails but big well done you for not biting them anymore really proud of you. Just wish roses were evergreen then I would have lots of them too.

  3. LOVE roses! My poppa had a huge rose garden that we transplanted to my aunts when he passed on. Its so nice to spend time in that garden and still feel the presence of that incredible man. On getting the dirt out from under the nails....a nail brush like what they use for manicures. We have a little brush that is supposed to be used to get corn silks off the corn but I use it to get the dirt/mud out from under my nails. Anything that's got finer bristles will work!

  4. ok today I buy a nailbrush! ☆ ✮ ✯

  5. Claire9:16 am

    If you are only going to be doing a quick bit of planting (like popping in a few seedlings) then you can run your nails down a block of hard soap (like gardeners or laundry soap) so that you have soap clogged under your nails. Then when you are done you just wash your hands and no grot under your nails! Only works for the quick jobs, for the big ones it's going to have to be gloves!

  6. I ordered the Aotearoa NZ one for Koos mum and dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary! It really is a gorgeous looking rose that smells so devine! I planted it into a pot for them in October as a gift from family in the UK and it flowered on their anniversary (31st October) and has flowered heaps since! I'm hoping to take a cutting soon! ;-)


  7. Oh, forgot to say, when you plant them chuck a banana in the hole beforehand as it does wonders for them! ;-)

  8. Hope your roses do well - I had a yellow rose ("Chinatown") in a previous garden and it had the most wonderful strong scent. Seeing yours has made me decide to go and buy another one! Jo

  9. Nice roses. Hope they flourish in your garden.

  10. Re dirt under nails: I wear gloves but often still get dirt under my nails. (You have to take the gloves off for some jobs -- e.g. planting out seedlings.) When I finish in the garden, I come inside and get right into the shower and shampoo my hair. The action of scratching away at my hair with heaps of shampoo suds seems to clean up the nails better than anything else I've tried. If any dirt remains after the shower, the point of a nail file will usually remove it. Oh, and keep the nails short. That's critical.


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