Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Our Wee Farm"
As I mentioned earlier Lloyd was up in the sky this morning. He has a friend who used to be a commercial pilot but is now retired. The wee plane they went up in today belongs to the flying club at Kerikeri and anyone can pay to go up in it. Lloyd actually has his pilots licence ( a restricted PPL - whatever that means!) so he took off, flew as far as our house, then Alan flew it round our house so Lloyd could take pics, then L flew back but didn't land.
I love that he was able to do this and take pics. We've always wanted to see our place from the sky!
I'm so chuffed to bits by how absolutely lovely it looks.
(not biased or anything)

Here's the wee plane he went up in. There is nothing in the world that could get me to go up in something like that!

This is the village nearest to our farm. It looks much bigger than I had imagined. I always think of it as being a tiny wee place. In the background you can see one of the volcanic peaks that surround us.

State Highway 1 - this is the main road north, which makes me giggle - I mean, look how busy it is. Our place is slightly left of centre. It's not the one you can see in the middle of the pic, but the one behind that.

Everything right of the main road, with the exception of the big house and the trees round it and the wee top corner on the right is our farm.

Our house, and the wool shed to the right. If you look closely you can see the donkeys in the top left paddock!

The house, wool shed, garage roof and mum and dad's house ~ The Acorn ~ at the top of the photo. Behind the trees near the Acorn is the river where we take the dogs swimming.

The garden part. You can see the veggie garden to the right of the house, and the potatoes! Oh and me standing on the deck waving! Also the citrus orchard right in the middle of the photo. Behind the wool shed is the apple/peach and plum orchard, with The Pip - my wee sewing shed.

Lloyd flying over the house


  1. I am so very jealous. You have a beautiful farm. Ours is much smaller but I want nothing more than an arial photo of it for my wall. There is nothing like seeing your place from above!

  2. Aw thank you!
    I am so pleased with the photos.

  3. Oh wow, that is so fantastic. Anders went up in a light plane in Florida when Dexter was wee and we asked the pilot to do "loop the loop", first time I have seen Anders feel ill but he held himself together until he got back and inside the building and at the loo where the inevitable happened - yep, he was sick! At least it wasn't in the plane though!!!

    The place is massive and my goodness you do have a lot of work to do to make it look as lovely as you do. It just looks so so beautiful and makes things come more to life with regards to what you have written previously and of course from now on in.

    I am so so impressed, and Lloyd, go you - dashing, clever, witty, can cook, artistic, fabulous of fabulous dentists and can fly a plane - woo, woo!!

    Just the sort of catch a lovely lady like you was destined to have - two lovelies together!


  4. gosh Joanna!Blushing here - thank you and big kisses!
    can't believe Andrew was sick! But brave to go up. xxx

  5. How neat! Great to have the arial photos as a record.

  6. He was only sick because we made the guy pull a lot of g's in the loop the loop - you know Anders, likes to think he is Action Man, so we put him to the test!!! The irony was he thought it was fun and wanted to do it all over again!

  7. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Such great pictures!! How exciting to have these photos of your farm.

  8. Fantastic photos, your farm looks so beautiful, lush and green.

  9. oh wow - what great photos to have of your lovely wee farm. That is great that Lloyd can fly and that you can stay on the ground and still be able to relect upon these super photos! Well done to the two of you - the farm and house look fantastic.

  10. woof hoo how fabulous and how grand the property looks... truely brilliant!

  11. What a beautiful farm!

  12. Magnificent, beautiful, dream farm.

  13. leigh5:00 pm

    bloody amazing you too! absolutely gorgeous.
    i'm liking the perspective and can really imagine you there now i've got my bearings on your 'wee' farm xxx


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