Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bananas in pyjamas... ♩♫ ♩♫ ♩♫

It is scorching today. I made the mistake of thinking "It's winter, I should put on a jumper to do the garden" No. Far. Too. Hot.

Anyway, the last couple of nights Bubble and Squeak have decided to fly out of the run and roost on top of the bananas. I don't have a problem with this at all except that when they wake up they fly down into the garden. I wouldn't have a problem with this either as I love seeing chickens running around the place, but so does Brodie, a little too much... so for safety's sake my chickens live in a rather gigantic run. 

Bubble and Squeak are so amazingly tame that when I call them in the morning they rush right to me for cuddles and I just put them back in the run, but we're going on holiday in a few weeks and leaving lovely house sitters here and I don't want them to have to faff around. I could clip their wings - bergh. Or we could extend the height of that bit of run, but our first plan was to trim the bananas so that they aren't hanging over the fence to see if that works. ( ETA it didn't! So today ~ a day later ~ we clipped their wings ~  after reading everything we could about how to do it ~  in reality it was easy, and cut the elderflower right back. If they fly out again tonight I'm not sure what to do!  ETA, AGAIN - they stayed put! They did try to fly out but couldn't get over the high fence. So they roosted with all the others in the peach tree. yeah :)  )

One of the bananas that got the chop actually had a hand on it. Not nearly ready, but it looks pretty cool.


  1. How cool are bananas in yer garden!! :D

  2. Anonymous3:33 pm

    You have bananas - that is so cool!!!

  3. Uno, I have never seen bananas with the flowers on them! Very cool indeed...
    And now, where are you off to for your holidays, ( sticky beak me...) And dont tell me anywhere tropically paridissy or Ill have to smack you........

  4. Wow, I've never seen bananas at that stage of growth, that's amazing! I wish we could grow them easier here. The cottage where we stayed in Cornwall last week had banana plants in the conservatory but they weren't doing too well.
    Teresa x

  5. Naughty girls! Clipping their wing is pretty easy and doesn't hurt them, they just fly wonky - better then getting chewed on by Brody.

  6. I think we're going to have to go for the wing clipping. I've been looking at diagrams and instructions on how to do it. It's going to be difficult raising the height of the run as we watched them last night and they used several areas to get out. It's funny because they dont try during the day at all, just seem to want to roost in the bananas! Will they still be able to jump into the branches of the smaller to roost though?

  7. I think Im in for a smack! Rarotonga! :)


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