Monday, July 19, 2010


Traditional ?

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I'm from the Northern Hemisphere. I lived there for the first 30...odd years of my life. Christmases looked like this.
 This is the garden at my parents house, it's where I grew up and even after I left home I only missed one. I'm used to Christmases looking like this. To me this is exactly what they should look like. This is what is traditional.

Now Christmas looks like this
 I'm a Southern Hemisphere girl now. Can I get my head round it? No. Do I think I'll ever get my head round it? Probably not! Don't get me wrong, we have a great time here. Christmas is spent with friends - who are our family - but it feels more like a lovely summer party. If I could transport myself back to Scotland for one day every year I would choose Christmas day. I loved the tradition of it. The cold weather, the snow, the roast turkey, cranberry sauce, brussell sprouts and huge stodgy Christmas pudding with brandy butter to finish it off. Family opening of presents in the morning, the darkenss! I loved it all.

I'm often asked if I would fly back for Christmas. Would I? Probably not. It's the best time of year here and I wouldn't actually want to miss a couple of weeks of it! But do I feel like I've had a proper Christmas in 5 years? Probably not.
Am I complaining? No. Really I'm not!
Would I like it to snow on Christmas day...a freak once in...well ever...for Northland? You bet I would!


  1. Hi, I know what it is it is strange to have christmas in summer time. I miss the good old cold Christmas as well, But we enjoy the NZ summer so we are not going back!

  2. I'll be sending the snow fairies your way come Christmastime, or you can do it the American way & get a fake snow machine. ;-)

  3. I remember in the early eighties we had snow falling in Canberra on Christmas day! I grew up there and I'll never forget that day. That was 'freaky'!

    I wouldn't mind spending a day at your mum's for a lovely snowy Christmas. Looks so inviting.

    Thank you for sharing.


  4. I wish I could sit at that table under that blue sky on Christmas! It looks beautiful (although I understand your desire for the tradition of snow).

  5. We hardly ever have a white Christmas in Oklahoma, but this year we did. While it was beautiful and magical, we Oklahomans are not equipped for big snows and it really snarled holiday travelers. Snow at Christmas? Not for me! I want my family around the tree on that day and the snow kept them away because the roads were closed.


  6. I can't imagine having a Christmas that wasn't cold and possibly snowy... may be a tough adjustment for me at first. :-) But I sure love the inviting appeal of the summer table! LOL Have a great day!

  7. thanks so much for your comments on my blog. This is such a wonderful traditional shot, love your blog, so interesting.

  8. What a contrast it must be for you! and still a novelty I'm sure.
    I would l o v e a White Christmas). I am over the hot hot summers. Just loving those 2 photos too - both look magical.

  9. I'd swop Christmas Day with you! At least the snow brightens up the dark, short, Scottish wintry days. Being snowed in was fun when I was a kid, but I've outgrown it now!

  10. My English husband still can't get used to a Christmas in the summertime even after ten years.

    And as somebody who has experienced six English Christmases, I fully rate them too :)

  11. That would be hard to get used to! But I think I would want to come right back to New Zealand like the day after Christmas. It may not be snowy but it sure does look gorgeous there!


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