Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Day at the Races

I've never been to the races before, in fact the crowd of us that were there yesterday, with the exception of Lloyd, hadn't been either. So it was a bit of excitement.
MILLI and her best friend, Ella were racing in the 'pony dash'. The winner of this race will then go on to represent Northland down in Auckland at the Ellerslie Races. This is a big deal!

The forecast was for heavy rain - thankfully, the ever non reliable MET service got that wrong. It was warm and dry.

My brother has been to the races before and always wins if he has a flutter. He has, what he says, is a fail safe method. You go down to the enclosure where the horses are led round before their race. (Sure this has a proper name) You look at the horse that is going most mad. Is Looking the most 'schizo', the one with the crazy eyes, then you bet on it. Lloyd decided he would try out this theory as none of us have a clue! Well it worked, and he won - so thank you Joff. 

Off to race.

The time came for Milli and Ella's race. I can't tell you how excited we all were. Milli is horse daft and has been training on her own for weeks. Running her horse, Diesel, along the sand at the beach till she drops!

Anyway, this is what happened!

Apologies for the total lack of decorum!

Proud Milli! And we mustn't forget Ella who came in 6th out of 12 so she did brilliantly too. And the first thing she said when they got back was "Milli Won!!!" She was so excited for her friend. How lovely.

and a couple of racing pundits!!

Richard and Lloyd


  1. Hope you got my wee note to check my cherry on the tree blog post - there is something there for you.

    Nice photographs, and glad you had a good day out. You got great shots of the race.

    We drove up to the Highlands again to see a steam train fair and so much more in just one day!

  2. Ka pai!

    Looks like you had some good fun. Glad it wasn't pouring down on y'all. :-)

  3. ops sorry Joanna, just got it now! thank you!!! xxxxx

    Cadi so am I!

  4. Congratulations to Milli! How exciting! These are great pictures, looks like a lovely time!


  5. that looks like a fun day. congrats to milli!


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