Saturday, July 17, 2010

My newest toy...
loving this!

Ok I know you can make these using some fandabby origami technique, but It looked tricky, as!
So, I got one of these! It's ace!

Now instead of using plastic pots for all my seedlings I can use home made paper ones. The lovely thing about these is when it's time to transplant you don't have to take them out of pots and perhaps damage wee roots, you just transplant paper pot and all as it's completely bio-degradable and will break down and the roots can spread out. How cool is that! Also you're recycling as well.


  1. Anonymous9:35 am

    Now that's a nifty little thingamajig! What a great idea. Some archeologist in the year 4010 will find that and wonder what it was used for! LOL


  2. Anonymous9:56 am

    That is very cool!!

  3. Love that lil' gadget. I love my knitting gadgets. when I start gardening here in the spring, I'm sure my next love will be gardening gadgets such as that nifty tool!

  4. WendyJW10:05 am

    What a great idea - where did you get it? .... and what's it called?
    I love it - I want one ASAP!!!

  5. they are great aren't they, I wouldn't be without mine, plus it keeps the kids busy LOL

  6. Wendy, I don't know if it actually has a name - but I got it here

    I call it my wee pot dibber ( but I know it's not really a dibber!)

    Sue I wonder if I could teach the dogs how to use it??

  7. I can see the benefit of doing that. I've got loads of small pots and bags but transplanting them without disturbing the roots must be a good thing. And of course a way to use up the mountain of newspapers!

  8. WendyJW8:22 pm

    Oh thanks Laura - I will try and follow up.

  9. Thanks for the info Laura - I did contact them and it seems that they don't send to Australia - or have a distributor here. Not to worry - I'll have a hunt around and see if there is something similar about. Such a great concept - maybe I should start importing them!!

  10. Wendy, if you can't find one in Oz I can get one of them for you and send it over, no problem.

  11. WendyJW8:37 pm

    You're such a sweetie Laura! Thanks so much - I will have a bit of a hunt around and see if I can find one here first though. I'm seriously thinking that they would sell well here (if they aren't here already). There is such a huge surge into home gardening lately. At our local markets here, there is a stall which only sells veg seedlings. From opening time (dawn) there is a line-up about 6 deep!

  12. Wendy here's one

    but mine was a LOT less.

    will post to OZ

    BUT all of these are in Oz dollars and more than mine was so it may be cheaper to get one from here and for me to post it!

    Let me know xxx

  13. Just a quick note to let you know you can get these at the warehouse for $9.99. they're called seed pot makers

  14. WendyJW10:42 am

    Hi Laura - I've just discovered all these comments when I linked back to the bit about the paper maker! Thanks so much for finding those ones for me. I'm guessing it would be cheaper for me to go to Brisbane for the day and get one from there than to bother you with all the hassle of buying one for me. They look so cool though - and I'm in the midst of spring planting here atm, so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one. Glad you had a great holiday, but it's always nice to come home isn't it!? Thanks again (love your blog).


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