Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy smiles! and cherries - YUM

I got this from Gibknitty and My lovely friend Joanna. With these awards you are spoiling me. MMmmm Ferrero Rocher!

I digress.

Firstly - I thank you both! I flipping love cupcakes :)

Now I need to link to the award - done
And tell you three things about me -

1) I've just eaten 2 cherry bakewell tarts. ( I think I was inspired by the cherries)

2) I would like to say my favourite film is something high brow and intelligent, but it is in fact, 'Pretty in  Pink'. I like lots of films, but do really have a soft spot for this one. Dated, 80's magic, that it is!

3) I've seen a seahorse in the wild.

And post a photo I love.

This is the photograph that really started my liking of taking pics. Before this I was a point and shoot girl. Still am if being totally honest, but this one made me realise that I actually love taking macro shots. After this I went out and bought a second hand macro lens. Lloyd had just given me my fabby Canon DSLR for my birthday so I was inspired to get out there and snap.

Thank you

pay it forward...

just because I like them.


  1. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Well done!!

  2. I love Pretty in Pink too!! And I absolutely love that picture! Gorgeous.:-}
    Blessings, Jill

  3. Anonymous2:38 pm

    A seahorse in the wild....magical!!!


  4. That's nice :-) Well done.
    The flower pic is awesome (what is that plant by the way?)
    Enjoy the new camera.

  5. Then you've done 3 things more than me (seen Pretty in Pink, seen a wild seahorse and eaten 2 bakewells in a row) and probably many more besides.
    Love the photo!!
    Teresa x

  6. the award is well-deserved...glad to pass it on. seahorse in the wild? pretty cool!

  7. Anonymous7:44 am

    Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Regarding my house: Real Estate is amazingly affordable in Oklahoma. People are still building and selling new homes, and many of these homes would sell in other areas of the country for four and five times what they cost here in Oklahoma. We enjoy the good life here, a very low cost of living, abundant sunshine, reasonably mild winters.

    See you around the blogosphere!

  8. Oooh thanks for the pay it forward! Will do my responding tomorrow :)

    Ah Pretty in Pink, so love that movie. Absolute classic, great soundtrack :) could totally relate to Andi, being an awkward strawberry-blonde 16 year old round about the same time myself :)

    DSLRs are absolutely amazing after having point-and-shoots and macros lens are just such a fabulous addition. I treasure mine :)

    Love the flower - daisy?


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