Friday, July 23, 2010

Winter Treats

I grow peapods mostly over autumn and winter, but they never make it inside as I eat them while I'm wandering round the veggie garden. I love them, always have. When I was a wee girl my dad used to plant a whole row of them in the garden, pretty much especially for me. I would start at the top of the row and make my way to the end eating peapods all the way and throwing the empty pods into the potatoes, the neighbouring field, the hedge, pretty much wherever they landed, really! And it wasn't a short row either, it was about 15m long, a 15m row of lovely sweet peapods waiting to be eaten by me! I think my mum probably thought I might get a sore tummy, but I never did. 

I've just recently been told about a heritage pea called Alderman. It grows really really tall and has lovely peas so I'm getting myself some of those! I love the old heritage seeds.


  1. I also have a love of fresh peas from the garden. Between my kids and I we don't get very much into the house, so this year I planted 3 rows in hopes of saving a few :)

    Great photos!

  2. I've actually never grown them, but you make them sounds so good I must just fit some in this spring!

  3. I love fresh peas, absolutely love them.

  4. Mmmm, I had my first fresh peas the other day. Only one of my kids likes them so more for me! But I didn't plant nearly enough.

    I love your photos of them.

    And supermarkets are places of great distractions! You are welcome to visit anytime.

    PS - got any elderflower seedlings popping up under your trees or is it a bit early?

  5. Frozen peas are not a patch on fresh ones!! Lovely photos with the little drops of moisture on the peas.
    Teresa x

  6. Fresh peas - yummy!!

  7. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Fresh peas !! Takes me back many years to my childhood. We didn't grow them but bought them fresh from the greengrocer. As he was putting them in the brown paper bag the greengrocer would pass me a few pods and I thought I was the luckiest girl alive. Can you believe I preferred them to sweets !

  8. Quiet Life5:39 pm

    The last posting from Anonymous was actually from me...Quiet Life. New to this and having trouble posting a comment correctly !!

  9. I've ordered my Aldermans so as soon as they arrive I'm going to get them in and do a huge row of them. I usually just plant about a meter long row - but nah! It's not long enough! If I do lots more some may even make it into the house for dinner.

  10. Bridget, you could plant some now I reckon. Do you get any frosts at yours?


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