Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our first ever Duck egg.

And Lulah found it. Amazingly she must have found it and thought it was something good, so she put it in her mouth and brought it to us, unbroken and immaculate! Soft mouth or what.
The funny thing is that yesterday afternoon one of the ducks was going off on her own. My ducks just don't do that!  They're like 7 little things that move as one, so I thought Ah! She must be ready to lay. Today L and I were just setting up a nice warm nesting box in the bananas ( this is where the ducks have made their home) in the hopes that they would lay in it. But really, who knows? I've heard ducks can just lay their eggs where they drop. Daily searches of the bananas are now in order, I think.
While we were busy setting it up Lulah must have done her own search of the bananas and found just what she was looking for - good girl.

Now I've just read in Wikipedia that the shells are thicker than chicken eggs so they will last longer. Weirdly this is the total opposite of what I thought! I thought they were more porous and therefor lasted less time. Good old Wikipedia!

Now what shall I bake with it?


  1. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Quack, quack!! How exciting!!

  2. How exciting!
    I think duck eggs are great for baking, G had a great aunt who always made her sponge cakes with them. You'll need more than one though :-)

  3. Our ducks must be synchronised! I got my first one too. (Except it was so muddy, there is no way I was going to show it off!) Mine is laying in a little shelter I made, but she digs up all the hay until she hits bare dirt, then lays in that.

  4. Oooh very exciting!

    One of our ducks use to lay her eggs out in the middle of the yard. It became a fight between us and the crows as to who would get to her egg first.

    I was never a big fan of eating duck eggs by themselves. Lovely in cakes etc. I think they would make a great pavlova or dare I say it macaroons!

  5. I've just been out egg searching this morning but nothing - it's quite hard to get in a amongst the bananas. I think I might get Lulah to search! I reckon if I let her smell yesterdays egg and then say egg a lot - then get her out to the bananas and say egg again she'll find it no bother! Yeh right!
    I want to make cupcakes!
    Hey, at least yours are laying where you want them to. :)

  6. Hi Laura, I really enjoy my duck eggs, although lots of people seem to be suspicious of them! I actually put my ducks away each night in a small yard, with a shelter so that they lay in there in the morning and therefore the eggs are easy to collect (I keep their feeder in the yard so they happily wander in each night). The first year free ranging full time they would change their laying places frequently , and the pukeko liked to steal them, so this works better now.


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