Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I love freesias

Everything about them.
I planted some last year and they did really well, but they didn't come up this year. The new bulbs I planted this year are great but I really hope they come up next year too. ( do I need to lift them and make them cold?)
I've loads of new stems coming. But this is the first, and therefor very special.

I'm glad they're surviving the wind. We're having the most sustained, windy weather I can remember. It's that storm I mentioned a couple of days ago, still think we're getting off lightly compared to the rest of the country, but I'm over the wind. We've lost a couple of trees at the back of the farm, they were old and did no damage so good firewood. Speaking of firewood... we were considering making a pizza oven for the summer. We love making pizzas. With the new deck area we thought it would be lovely. RandV have one down at the beach and we use it a lot. They made theirs. Well, I had a look at how to do it, and to be honest, we can't be bothered! How lazy is that! It would be so time consuming and we have none of the materials to hand so would have to buy them all. We worked out it could be about $2000 plus all the man hours. So then we changed plan and looked at pizza ovens to buy. We found some amazing ones - yes, $6000 amazing. NOPE!
Then we found one that fits the bill, is NOT $6000 and we can get it in Whangarei! Result. I saw them yesterday so today I am dragging Lloyd down.
Anyway, we shall see.
Weather is too nasty to do much else.


  1. The freesias are beautiful. A pizza oven would be fun. Hope you can find one that is reasonable.

  2. ~*LOVE the images Laura~ Just beautiful..you have such an eye!~**~ Good luck finding your pizza oven too..how wonderful that sounds and sooo yummy!! ;)Rachel~*~*

  3. I love freesias too, particularly their devine scent.
    My funny looking lavender araucana chooks lay blue eggs - so pretty.

  4. such beautiful pictures! I'm glad they're holding up in the wind, they look so delicate.

    I'm new to your blog and I'm so enjoying it!

  5. You and I , I tell you....
    Freesias are my favourite smell in the world...I have just been outside and picked a load of white ones...mmmmmm
    As for the pizza oven, talk about a dream of my husbands...being the Italian man he is, he dreams of the old rounded bricks and one day having his own oven down the yard..
    I do hope one day he gets it...
    Enjoy yours!

  6. Beautiful pictures. A pizza oven would be so great to have.

  7. I love freesias! Thanks for your offer, much appreciated :-) I got to go supermarket shopping in Oamaru yesterday - only an easy two hour ddrive down SH1 - nah was there for work so took advantage of their copious amounts of chocolate and cheese - I may have a gone over board, just slightly.

  8. WendyJW9:48 am

    Lovely freesia snaps! They are funny - this year is the best year ever for mine and I definitely don't do anything to them. Good luck with the pizza oven, sounds yum to me.


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