Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pizza Oven
  Has landed!
Possibly not the best day to choose to set up a pizza oven, it's gale force winds, odd bit of hail, rain, basically bleh weather so all the more reason to say "Thank you, Nick for coming over and helping"
Lloyd bribed us with eggs benedict so after a wee feast we set to work - well when I say we, I mean they. I opened gates, unwrapped some bricks and told them when the slabs were level, basically all the lazy stuff.
It didn't take long and now we have a pizza oven! I think we may put some planters round it to make it look pretty.


  1. OMG so jealous, we want one too :) I love making pizza!! I will check out Lloyds blog waiting for the first one you do. Georgina xxxx

  2. oh man super jealous - SUPER SUPER JEALOUS!!
    what make is it? can you get in Auckland i wonder??

  3. Bella, you absolutely can

    One in Parnell and one in East Tamaki

    $2100. We thought that was a really good price. Ours is all wrapped up in a very ugly bar-b-q cover to keep it nice and pretty!

    G I can't wait to have pizzas from it but will have to wait till the wind goes - its doing my head in!

  4. ~*How cool Laura!! :) I wish I had one!! Hugs,Rachel ~*`

  5. What a great thing to have - yum yum yum

  6. Sweet! We are in the process of building one from scratch. It's all about the right bricks! Right type. right angle, right placement...

    An "ongoing" project....

  7. got to laugh at the brand... broady's pizza oven making pizzas for brodie... no bob, no tallulah, mine!....arf arf

  8. Fantastic!! Enjoy all that pizza!!

  9. Oh how neat! In Oklahoma, we would call that a smoker and throw in some ribs!



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