Saturday, September 11, 2010

Speedy mayonnaise .. oh my!

When we make mayonnaise we've always done it the traditional way, you know, egg yolks, drizzle oil in teeny tiny quantities and  mix...and mix...and mix... Well we were watching Masterchef Australia ( our pre dinner viewing every week night - it's fab!) and saw it being made in the most simple way ever! 
There is a stunning foodie blog Here and they also put the recipe. So that's exactly what we did! Mayo in about 35 seconds ~ amazing!

this is all you need ( recipe calls for white balsamic, we didn't have any so used cider vinegar with a teeny splash of balsamic)

Bung it all in a small food processor

Mix it up a bit

Add quarter of the oil and blend

Add rest of oil in 2 batches and blend

Simple and simply delicious!
We're off to friends for lunch. They are in the throes of building work and are without a kitchen. We're supplying lunch today - so a couple of  roast chickens, baguettes, salad, an avocado or 2 and the mayo - all set!


  1. We did this together. LW beat me to the post. And yet I still love her. xxx

  2. ~*I've never tried making mayo before..maybe I will give it a whirl..probably tastes alot better than some of that store bought stuff~*Thanks for sharing!:)Rachel

  3. Anonymous12:35 pm

    This is indeed a great recipe! I will never do it the 'old fashion' way. Thanks for the shout out :)

  4. Anonymous2:23 pm

    I love mayonnaise, but not as much as you love each other. You guys are so sweet.

  5. We both love watching MasterChef Australia too :) We saw Gary make this mayo and thought how yummy and easy it looked! Yours looks scrummie!!! Georgina x

  6. Oh, you two lovebirds, ha, ha, ha - we love you both too.....

  7. thanks for stopping by my blog forcreative sunday. your farm looks a fun place to be - nice table and chairs for your decking too.

  8. Thankyou Laura! I've never made mayonaise as it always seemed time consuming, but i am definately going to try this one! Loving the Love! :-) J xx

  9. Oh, forgot to ask, how long does this last in the fridge Laura? xx

  10. Julie L reckons about 4 weeks!! If you just make it with these ingredients - one egg - it only makes a smallish jar - yesterdays batch was all used up with 6 of us eating chicken sandwiches! xx

  11. MMMMmmmm odd. We're just making some more and it's been a disaster - we're onto our third batch and none of them have gone thick. Just about to try for a fourth and last time ( no oil left!) Doing the same as yesterday - have no idea what's wrong!

  12. Anonymous6:07 am

    Nice and thanks!

  13. Try wiping the pot with a clove of garlic, and add a pinch of sugar to the mayo... I've been using a variety of oils this summer in mayo, and found by far the smoothest and creamiest was grapeseed oil.. but there is nothing like the shock of extra virgin green mayo - but then I've used it with a herb vinegar to bolster the herby-sappy nature of the mayo produced.


    Have fun.. O

  14. Aren't you afraid of eating raw egg?

  15. cannot find the recipe, can you direct me? Thanks


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