Thursday, September 16, 2010

A work in progress...

We live in a kauri villa. Kauri is a very special wood in New Zealand, so when we've done alterations to the house and had to remove any kauri we've kept it. Haven't really had any idea what we might do with it, but we've kept it all the same.
We don't have much, just some weatherboards and bits and pieces.
This month I was devouring my UK Country Living magazine as usual and saw something that I thought I might be able to make myself and use up a teeny bit of kauri in the process.

Can you tell what it is!!
I'm making it long enough to hold 12 eggs, it may take some time as the cordless drill ran out of battery after this so I have to wait for it to charge. Still, it gave me time to do a bit of sanding.
It's going to be long and thin and will have legs. My plan is to make it look something like this...

( CL Magazine)

Obviously got a way to go!

Much later...

  it's taken ages and I've only got this far!


  1. How neat! Would love to see your finished project. :-)

  2. ~*~*How unique..cant wait to see how it turns out! ;) Rachel~*~*

  3. will you paint it and sand it back to make it look a little worn and old Laura.?
    People may want to buy one to go with their dozen fresh farm eggs!!!!

  4. Suzanne, that's my plan, but it's taking ages! kauri is really hart to cut by hand - either that or my old saw is incredibly blunt! And I've only done 8 holes and had a flat battery in the drill 5 times!! But, I have managed to cut the wood do it's just the size of the top now and also the side bits. Just 4 more holes to go and some sanding and then join it together...then painting and sanding then I'll wax it. Should only take another 2 days at this rate! heehe

  5. Keep going, Im sure its going to turn out lovely....

  6. Now that's nice.

  7. That is a great idea, it already looks good.

  8. You are so clever. Please show us a picture when it is done.


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