Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Chickens!

Lloyd and I spent a happy hour (rain stopped play several times ) making a new chicken house. We didn't make this one from scratch like the last one. I bought it from TradeMe. It came flat packed, but it was really simple to make.
(can you see the duck running away, she obviously thinks we're going to put her in it!)

 We're planning to extend the chicken run so thought an extra house would be handy, not least as a broody house or sick bay. Also great for introducing new chickens... and on that note!

Meet Geraldine and Gertrude - who look absolutely identical so I have no idea who is who, yet.
I got them from Charlotte again - mum to the silver campines I got. Thank You!!

They will only be in the new house for a short time while they get used to their new surroundings and the other chickens. Then the door will be left open and they can range freely and come back to sleep at night.

They're Light Sussex ~ I've always wanted some of these so I was really happy Charlotte was breeding them. She's got a brilliant set up ~ chicken heaven ~ so no doubt I'll be back for more! She's just started breeding Faverolles and they look comically spectacular!
I mentioned to Sara last night I was getting another couple of chickens and she just gave a knowing smile! It's hard to stop and what with selling and swapping eggs they are most definitely earning their keep ( but let's face it even if they weren't I'd still love them!)


  1. ~*I love your new chicken coop Laura!! I really want chickens now!!~*~*HUGS~ Rachel ;)~*

  2. It's great, we're so happy with it. Cant wait to let them out to range around the place.

  3. Looks like 5 star lodgings.

  4. Anonymous9:29 am

    Love the new house and I too, want chickens so bad!!

  5. Geraldine and Gertrude look very happy in their new abode - they've done very well for themselves!

  6. Hi I just stumbled across your blog and am so glad I did! Love the chook house!


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