Monday, November 29, 2010

Hot Smoked Salmon

It's been on my mind since we had it on Saturday night. We were going to go the biscuit tin route, but didn't have a big enough tin or a rack that would fit into a tin. So we bought one. Ok it was a bit more expensive than the biscuit tin method, but we were going to have to buy a tin and the rack. Also to make us feel better the "Big Red Shed' had 30% off.

Some salmon was duly purchased, Lloyd put  brown sugar and salt on it and let it all soak in for about an hour. I set up the smoker as per instructions (ish) and put the salmon on to smoke. Following Jamie Oliver's timings.
All the smoker stuff

Salmon ready to go

After 10 minutes

Remember to do all this on a non flammable surface.

Do as I say not as I do.

Additions to the recipe...
See flames coming from wooden table
 rush to kitchen to get fire extinguisher
extinguish the cr@p out of table
Rescue salmon.

Salmon looks delicious.

Moral of the story - people who live in wooden houses should always have a fire extinguisher to hand and should always follow the letter.


  1. duffer...I would have probably done the same thing and burnt our outdoor table to the ground..lucky you didnt just walk away and leave it for a while...
    Hey , only got my October Country Living today, thought of you on pages 18, the egg carrier..and the christmas room on page 37..with the nana rug and weatherboard...
    Enjoy that fish!!!

  2. I know! I'm a complete doof!
    I was in the kitchen and the table is right outside. The 10 minutes were pretty much up so I went to check it and about a second later it burst into flames - so the timing was pretty good really! I mean if a wooden table is going to burst into flames its as well doing it while you are watching!
    Salmon is cooling - we brushed off the fire extinguisher stuff - kidding!

    I've had my November Country Living already! Its a nice one. Enjoy yours! xx

  3. The salmon looks so yummy!!

  4. Yummy yum!

    Yes. Do not smoke on a wooden surface. We have a nice big scorch mark on our verandah to vouch for that!

  5. :) Rather glad I'm not the only numpty around!

  6. Certainly not the only numpty! I have a hole in an outdoor table of mine from a barbeque that was set up on it! Oops. Fish looks very delish.

  7. Pleased to know I'm not the only one who's done that Lol! The salmon looks so yummy.

  8. Hey there wonderful that you're truthful! Looked great - I'm off to look at country living now!! x (my one only for me treat!)

  9. Caroline9:21 am

    We have used that type of smoker sitting on the BBQ [and you can use the BBQ burners rather than the little meths pots] Home smoked food tastes so much nicer than bought - try smoking mussels loosened from their shell with a little/lot chilli sauce

  10. Anonymous10:15 am

    Looks delicious, Laura. Just don't put too much sawdust in the smoker as it can give the fish a really bitter taste. It should be a sparse covering over the bottom. You can also use wood chips soaked in beer, juice or alcohol(rum, bourbon) to give a different flavour. Our little tin for the meths rusted out so now we set the smoker on top of the gas bbq & use the gas. Fantastic. No worries about the wooden table then !!
    Your blog is really great & I enjoy reading.
    Cheers, Sue from Auckland

  11. WendyJW10:53 am

    Oh I laughed! Lucky it had a happy ending (delicious too).

  12. Sue, I think I did that - the too much wood thing as I thought the fish was a bit bitter 0 lloyd had a thicker bit and it was ok. I assumed it was either the fire extinguisher or the flames that did it - but was most likely too much wood- After the 10 minutes there was still a lot of unburnt sawdust left.

    Yeah, I think using the barby for it is a great idea.


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