Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Mending fences

The fence round the veggie garden was in a right sorry state. We had considered, briefly, fixing it over a year ago. We found some very flash looking panelling, then almost fainted at the $900 it was going to cost to buy it. So the whole idea of mending the fence went on hold and out of our heads.
Then today I really looked at it and thought - argh -it's hideous! 
NandS have a fenced off veggie garden and they put chicken wire on their fences and it works a treat. So we decided to do that. It's really inexpensive and bonus - rabbit proof.
We set to work - it was overcast when we started so it was hot but not unbearably so. About an hour in the clouds went and it got so so hot. But we ploughed on.
We're dead happy with the results. We can actually see the veggie garden now and it'll get a lot more light, too.

The Demolition. We used different techniques. Lloyd used the brute force method of bashing it with a hammer and breaking it into bits. ( He was making funny faces for the pic!) 
I used the  pry it off method so my bits came off in one piece ~ see below.

 Both worked.

Ta'dah! Well Happy.

A lot more light and no horrible, falling apart, ugly fence!
Job's a good'un.


  1. Fantastic job. Well done!

  2. You did a great job. It looks wonderful.

  3. That looks so great...
    Oh no....if it was me, I would be spending MORE time down there oggling my vegie patch now, cos it looks so nice............
    Well done...the inexpensive is sometimes the better option..

    Back to my food covers Laura, yes they are mosquito netting, with a border of fabric...I do not put weights in mine, but some people just use a washer and stitch around it in a squar on each corner.

  4. It looks great, what a difference it makes!

  5. Anonymous11:23 am

    Great job - you two are such a team!
    Could do with your enthusiasm here .... care for a hot humid Qld work holiday!?

    OMG! the word verification was 'refenc'

  6. so flash we think it needs some special 'pardon me's' - loves and licks xxx

  7. Yep, vast improvement :)

  8. Looks great! I once said "LSBers are eternal fencers!"

  9. Gorgeous gardens!!! Why, enough to make even Martha Stewart green with envy!!



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