Saturday, January 29, 2011

I had a dream last night...

that all my tomatoes got broken down to just tiny stalks and that my bean pyramid looked fine, but then I realised that the wind had lifted it and it was in another veggie bed from where it was planted so it would die. In my dream I was so upset. So when I woke up I was scared to look out the window! After the edge of the cyclone hit (It still remains a category 2) I was sure the place would be trashed.
However, this morning has dawned dry with blue skies. It's still a bit breezy, but it's almost unbelievable to think that yesterday we were being hit by a cyclone. Further east from us got hit worse as Wilma was tracking down the coast - so our friends at the beach had 300mm of rain, we had 120mm ish. Their driveway has, quite literally, been washed away, which is terrible. And a lot of people were evacuated last night, so we got off very lightly.

I got up at 7 this morning and walked around checking on the animals, the veggies and the garden. Still got to look round the farm.
But the good news ~ everything is fine.
The beans hadn't been lifted right out by the wind, and my tomatoes were still firmly in place, looking non the worse for being hit by 150km winds. ( Tomato cages rock!)
The silly chooks, who went to roost up their tree, even though I had shut them in their lovely dry house, weren't even wet this morning and all ate a hearty breakfast.

I'm very glad it's over though.
Thanks to everyone who was wishing us well, yesterday, you're all lovely.


  1. Good to know you guys are fine. So are we. Lucky compared to some.

  2. I am so glad that all is ok, makes me thankful that we don't get cyclones or tornadoes.

  3. So glad you are all ok and your beautiful vegetable gardens too! It must've been a night for bad dreams as i had one so scary (about a Tiger :-( ) that i was too frightened to turn the light on!

    Hope the weather has improved! xxx

  4. What a relief! I can relate to those dreams, we've had too many bad experiences with extreme weather and know what it's like for a huge garden to be wiped out in an instant. Glad you escaped a bad experience. Have a bountiful summer!!

  5. I've been gone quite a while and got behind in my blog reading. Enjoyed going back and reading all of your posts. Very glad you and your veggies survived the cyclone! I have never experienced a cyclone (hurricane in this part of the world), but they seem so frightening! I guess people feel the same way about the tornadoes we get in Oklahoma.

    I'm looking forward to more Fred updates.

  6. Good to hear that things are OK Laura - have just been reading our local Sunday paper which had article about landslips and damage near Kerikeri.

    BTW - I'm WendyJW - just new name as I've just started my own humble blog.

  7. Laura, so glad everything is ok there. I was worried about you and your beautiful garden and animals.


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