Monday, March 21, 2011

Chillis, chillis and more chillis!

Our chillis are just beginning to come ready now. A bit late, but all grown from seed.
In the bowl - Habaneros - Lloyd's favourite. Sudra - new this year, still green. Rainbow chillis.
This is a fraction of what we will have. This year is shaping up to be bumper!
Now, as you know I grow these for Lloyd and he does all sorts with them.
This little lot got turned into 2 bottles of incredibly hot sauce. He reckons it needs about three weeks to mellow.

Recipe ( copied from Lloyd's notes)

35 habaneros

20 rainbow chillis
2 capsicums 
1 peach
100ml brandy
50ml rice wine vinegar

All simmered until v.soft then blended and strained 

Add 1tbsp each of vinegar, light soy and dark soy.


The end.
(thank you to Karen for emailing this morning to ask for some chilli recipes!) 

A couple of weeks ago he also made chilli salt which has gone down an absolute storm with our friends.
He used all the chillis we dried last year - put them in a blender ( we use a coffee one and have it just for spices) seeds and all and blend. Then add the same amount of salt and blend again - voila!


  1. Laura - yum! Can you make some for me? :) Lovely chillies

  2. They look delicious - your picture is marvelous, I can almost taste the tang of them through the screen!

  3. Wow, I started sweating just looking at that pile of peppers! So beautifully deceiving are those little hotties! I love the idea of mixing dried peppers with salt. We love to grow them and never have enough uses for them. Thanks for that perfect idea! We won't be gardening any time soon here however. Have a great day!

  4. Love the recipe, i would never thought to add the peach, im definitely giving this a go. let me know how hot it comes out!

  5. I can only say yum - and what a lovely photo they all make against the plate.

  6. Ground with salt...what a great idea!

  7. Yum....can't wait to try both the sauce and the salt!


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