Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Home, family, friends... Life

Coming to this rather late, but it's the last day of Blog4NZ which you can read about HERE.

I thought I'd just make a wee video of various bits and bobs of our time here, in this amazing country, that has adopted us as it's own.
Thank you New Zealand.

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  1. Oh Laura, what a wonderful pictorial of your life in NZ.
    I was there five years ago on the South Island and loved it so much that my 16 year old son kept asking me "You're not going to move here are you Mum?"
    Your part of New Zealand looks beautiful and your home is just gorgeous!
    Thank you for the memories on this wet and windy afternoon in Tasmania.

  2. Stunning. What's the music please Laura?

  3. :0 ) Thanks!!
    Rose it's Home - by David Byrne ( of talking heads fame)

  4. Thanks for sharing laura!

    As a 'new' australian, i too respect and love my new home so much. The experiences have been great.

    In addition, i LOVE your new home/country as well. I would have immigrated there 20 years ago if they let me!

    You pictorial is just so reflective and inspiration. we have so much to be thankful for.

    so glad to have you down under.

    Kia kaha New Zealand!


  5. Wow-that is brilliant! Every second it took you to make that was sooo worth it. Thanks for sharing your world with us.
    I do envy you...

  6. Dan, and you're in it!! It's a lovely pic of you, Chris and Lloyd. Roll on Bali - oh and Sydney!!! xxx

  7. Awesome, time I did one again. :D

  8. Lovely slideshow Laura. I live in the same country and have visited a lot of those places but your beautiful photography makes everything look so magical. You really seem to have the perfect life here and I love reading your blog.


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