Monday, April 25, 2011

Girly Night Out

It's been twenty five years since we left school and one of my lovely friends organized a dinner to coincide with my trip back to Scotland (thank you Jackie!)
We went out for a meal in town, which was gorgeous, and spent the night pretty much laughing all the time. It was absolutely brilliant to catch up with everyone. Nobody has changed a bit since school, none of us have any wrinkles and I'm the only one with grey hair!!
Thank you ladies, it was, quite simply fab!

This last photo shows a "memories" page from the local paper in 2010, focusing on 1977, and it was a photo of our class when we were in four prep! We were all very cute.


  1. WOW You are all gorgeous and look like you're having a fab time! Take some pics of that gorgeous scottish scenery...

  2. How wonderful that you got to catch up with all your old school friends, so lovely of them to organise it while you were there! Great photos, you all look like a group of young lasses on a night out on the town :)

  3. Aw thanks Ali, I must admit, I don't think any of us feel a s old as we resly are!!

  4. Penny and Alan5:00 am

    Dearest Laura---just on my way over to Leeds, Amanda and I are going to the theatre!
    MANY thanks for the photos-and words. I can well imagine that you're having a great time, and making the most of being with your Mum and Dad, so ENJOY!!!!
    Had a quick word with Lloyd a couple of days ago-he was busy cooking for friends, but did say he missed you! Quite right!! All well here, please give your folks our best love, and also, of course, to you, with kisses. XXXX P and A


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