Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The sacrificial garlic...

Well, it's not really sacrificial of course. This is the one bulb that Lloyd was willing to give up of  "the very special garlic". It has kept amazingly well and we've been rationing it. There are 2 bulbs left for eating.
I split the bulb - the cloves were huge - and planted it out this morning. There were 12 cloves so keep your fingers crossed they all do well and we can keep this garlic going for another 5 years.

After I'd planted them out I finished off the last bit of weeding that I was too tired to do yesterday - the chilli garden. Now that that's done the veggie garden is back in a state I can cope with without having a nervous breakdown every time I look at it!

While I was planting and weeding, Lloyd was picking more chillis, I can't believe they are still going so well, it's so late in the season, I mean it's pretty much winter.

This is one of my wild flower pots I planted out in the veggie garden to attract bees and look pretty - the seeds were all free because we gathered them up from last years wild flowers. Both pots are doing really well and seem to have a good mix in them.

One rather sorry looking cauliflower. They have been attacked mercilessly by cabbage white caterpillars. Which is a shame - I had a look at them this morning and couldn't see any actual caterpillars, but I know they're hiding in there somewhere.

Spring onions - we always have some of these in the garden, they grow all year round here, which is a real bonus.

Finally a rather boring photo of part of the veggie garden as it is now that I've weeded, cleared, cleaned and polished! We only have a small amount of winter veggies in this year, there is one big bed of broad beans which is looking very huge and leafy, but there's hardly any beans on the plants !
I know this looks like nothing much, but I'm really pleased with it!


  1. I love your wild flower post what a great bright pretty spot amongst the yummy veg.

  2. Your garden looks good all ready to start fresh! My broad beans came to an untimely end, I think they may have been sabotaged by certain members of my family, Lol.

  3. I think your gardens look perfect! So hard to comprehend you are going into winter there. Today we finally hit 80, but still too wet to plant or till. Hubby has been planting and keeping garlic for 8 years now. The little hairs on the back of my neck came up when I seen those gorgeous pictures of your garlic!! Don't work too hard, try to enjoy the fruits of your labor (I know I just did)!

  4. The garden looks great. You did a really good job of cleaning it up.

  5. Oh no that doesn't look boring it looks fantastic. How wonderful to have weeded and cleaned up veggie beds. Now how 'bout jumping on a plane to my place and having a go at mine?

  6. How totally satisfying is a tidy garden? - rarer than a unicorn as well! - great job!


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