Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life is a hodge podge right now!

We're all over the place!
It's a mixture of mess, shambles, renovations, rain, sun, garden still growing, and waiting patiently to get back to normal!!

Work continues on the bathroom with the lovely builders sheeting it all out today in readiness for the waterproofer and tiler. The plumbers have done their work for now and the new drains are laid - and boy did that make a mess. Diggers arrived at the onset of the most prolonged, wettest, rainiest weather we've had had for about a year! Talk about timing.
We have a lot of clearing and reseeding to do in this area, but I know it will be lovely time! I keep telling myself this everytime I look at it and feel like crying!
I'll try to remember to take a photo again once we've got it all nice, probably in the summer!
Lloyd and I have shovelled 5 tonnes of gravel in the last 2 days to make the driveway passable. Oh the joy!

Exciting photo (to me!!) of the ceiling going up. ( new insulation to go in here as well) 
Two large windows have been removed and one new smaller one is all framed out ready for glazing. The holes that were left by the old windows are already  covered with new weatherboard.

Another super exciting photo, this time of the shower mixer - nice new plumbing!

And the odd part of living with renovations... a couple of doors in the dining/kitchen...Mmmm yes nice design feature. Should I keep it??

Thankfully the sun has come out today which is almost enough to stop me moaning. As I said before, this sort of stuff does not bring out my best side. A stress head grump would probably be the best way to describe me right now.

But the garden! It can still make me smile.
Here's the  hard neck garlic I planted, all coming up rather beautifully. I have 35 plants all seemingly doing well. Lovely!

Interesting aside - the row on the left - the big strong looking plants - these are our own very special garlic and sacrificial garlic. How much better do they look than the other rows of bought in hard neck garlic?

Astoundingly we're still getting lots and lots of chillis - we've just had our shortest day as well! Just shows how mild it's been ( till today which is gloriously freezing)

To prove how warm it's been, our hibiscus ( these are tropical hibiscus) are still budding and flowering. They've never done that this late before, in fact usually in our winters, even though we're considered sub-tropical, they lose their leaves, let alone their flowers! So this is a lovely bonus.


  1. I guess this year you'll get to enjoy some hibiscus tea in the middle of winter! Lucky ducks you.

  2. You know what it all looks like Laura? It looks like a stage being readied for a show. Cue music and lights ... in a few weeks. :)

  3. Aw thanks Rose, you always say the right things xxx

  4. Keep breathing - the renos will be done soon. The chilis look great and I love the Hibiscus.

  5. It all looks exciting! The best is yet to come :)

    Wyatt and Stanzie


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