Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Calla Lillies

Grow like a weed! In fact when we first bought this place we had no experience at all with farming so we rented the land to a grazier. When he saw some calla lillies growing in a couple of the paddocks he said he wanted to spray them all. ( I never found out his reason,  if they're poisonous the cows don't eat them, so they wouldn't get ill and they don't seem to spread ~ the lillies, not the cows.)
We told the grazier that for starters we don't spray anything and secondly I love them! I could just hear him thinking "Blooming Townies!" He never really got me!

Coming from the northern hemisphere and having never had a garden where I could grow things, I used to buy these. And they were expensive! When I was over visiting mum and dad in April we went to a garden centre and I saw a plant for sale, it was about quarter the size of the ones that grow in the paddocks and it was 30 pounds!! 
 At this time of year and for a good few months, they grow beautifully, I pick them for the house and they look stunning.

Bathroom update - waterproofer is here today, bathroom is now a lovely shade of turquoise blue ~ who knew waterproofing was so pretty! Tiler is coming tomorrow - he needs a couple of days... electrician here tomorrow, and builder is doing stuff with the sink.... we're getting there...


  1. I love calla lillies, they are so beautiful. I had deep deep purple ones for my wedding bouquet, many people had no idea what they were.

    I wish I could get them to grow!

  2. OMG how could anybody think of spraying lilies?? How about "blooming farmers"! (or worse) So glad you saved them and are enjoying them. They are really tough to grow in my neck of the woods and ,yes, way too expensive to buy also. Enjoy for me too please!

  3. My Grandma gave us a clump of Callas from her garden. We just love them and think of her every spring when they bloom!

    Wyatt's Mom

  4. They grow like weeds here in SA, all along the creek beds, not sure if they were introduced here or what...but my garden is FULL of them, they multiply like no bodies business...I too indulge in huge vases with five or so in them at a time with the leaves as well, they are very impressive. Older generations will not have them in their homes here as they think of them as 'funeral lillies' for instance my mum cant see why on earth I would want them in my home...if I had a nice bathroom I would put a vase of them in there...hhaaahhhaa. I hope those work men get a move on for me, I mean you and I , I mean you, get to have a lovely bath real soon....xxx

  5. My nana always called them Death Lillies and we were never allowed them in the house.

    Julie Q

  6. Weeds! More like premium posh flower shop flowers.

    Hope all's well with Lloyd, you and all the animals.


  7. We have them everywhere! Much prefer them to the thistles...


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