Saturday, July 09, 2011

white eggs!

When I first got chickens about 4 years ago I bought Minorcas and they lay white eggs, so that's all I got. As time's gone on I've got lots more chickens of different breeds, and they all lay various shades of brown eggs. My minorcas are getting on a bit now so they don't lay as regularly. I haven't had a white egg for a really, really long time, but yesterday and today there was a lovely white egg in the nest! I hadn't realised how much I'd missed them!
Next on the egg list are blue ones! 
Now, all my araucanas ( blue egg layers) turned out to be boys, King Bertie is a very happy boy, as all his brothers went to Ms Lottie  a couple of days ago (thank you!!) so he now rules the roost, in his incredibly calm way. Ms Lottie has 2 araucana babies and if one or both turn out to be a girl I can have them! I'm waiting with baited breath!
Keep your fingers crossed.

I know the one on the far left looks pink, but it is pure white - honest!

Oh and still bathroomless...


  1. Thats okay sweet girl, I have been waiting for my ensuite bathroom to be finished for over ten you can wait a few more I am looking forward to a bath, maybe by the end of this year...? We can only hope..and
    I am looking forward to some white eggs too from my teenage girls..I reckon another 6 weeks and I will be seeing something other than brown in the laying box too.....

  2. isn't it funny how easy it is to get used to things we thought would be difficult!
    And the up side is I'm going swimming pretty much every day.... nice warm showers there!
    And cleaning your teeth in the kitchen sink is fine.
    roll on white egg time for you xx

  3. I have one of my original chickens left, Jemima the White Star Hybrid. They are cross bred to lay brown eggs, but as they get older for some reason their eggs get whiter and whiter, it's really nice to find her one or two eggs a week that I still get, the shells are so thin, no matter how much calcium I get down her, but it's like a gift each week from her to me and it's precious. :-)

    Yor bathroom will be a REAL luxury when you finally get it, I hope you get to enjoy it soon.

    Have a good weekend.

    Sue xx

  4. Oh I really wanted blue eggs too, but our little ara turned out to be a man-hen too!

  5. How can you tell a girl from a boy? As you can see, I'm not a farm girl!

  6. We have only one white hen and a variety of others. Not sure if she feels the pressure, but we can always tell when she has a day off.

  7. Anonymous2:33 pm

    The eggs are so pretty. Hope the bathroom is done soon.

  8. Suggestion: When your new bathroom is finished frame your beautiful eggs photo for the wall to remind you that you survived the reno!

  9. Now that is a great idea, Veronica!


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