Tuesday, March 06, 2012

It was my birthday, yesterday.

I'm forty..something... mumble, mumble..

 I feel like I had a 2 day celebration, as a friend of ours has his birthday the day before me, so we had a joint brunch with our joint friends. It was lovely, and Cafe Cinema ( where we went) made us a cake!Which was so kind of them.

Then, that evening we went out with some other friends who have just bought a yacht! How amazing is that! We have some rather lovely friends! 

Here's mum living the high life!

 This is us, sailing off into the sunset.
And it wasn't even my birthday yet.

So, yesterday, on my actual birthday, the sun was shining and we drove to Mangonoui to have my usual birthday treat of some fish and chips. As ever it was delicious.
So delicious, in fact, that this wee gull wanted some too.

 My smiley face - you can tell I really like fish and chips!

We stopped off at Te Ngare bay to say hi to Paula, then headed home

 Then in the evening, barely over our early lunch, Lloyd, mum and I headed over to Paihia to do Darryl's dinner cruise. We've heard lots of good things about it from people that have been before and it didn't disappoint. It was such good fun and the dinner was spectacular!
This is a wee pic of the three of us under Haruru Falls. ( mum has another one that we all have huge cheesy grins in, so I'll try to get it from her)

I have had such a great birthday.  Been spoiled rotten. Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes. 


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic day, although I forever find it difficult to believe you're in your forties. What are your beauty secrets??? xxx

  2. :) big grin! thank you! Complete lack of sun for the first 30 odd years of my life!!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time celebrating!! Happy Birthday Laura =)

  4. Hooray! Sounds like a blast! Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday for last weekend.
    I'm glad you celebrated well.

  6. Happy happy birthday. Alas I had lots of sun for the first 30 years...love the piggy tales, makes you look sooooo young!

  7. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Happy birthday from Texas

  8. Happy Birthday! My goodness - our birthday's are so close - mine was Saturday and I'm 42. So pleased to see that there is another forty something with her hair in ponytails. Way to go! And I so envy you your exquisite blue sky and sea and fish and chips. We're well and truly sliding into autumn here - with a good dose of MElbourne dreary thrown in. Here's to a lovely year :-)

  9. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Happy Belated Birthday!! It sounds like you had a great time!! Best wishes to you for a wonderful year.

  10. Happy Birthday, and many happy returns.

  11. I concur that you definitely don't look in your 40s---you wear it well! Happy happy belated!! Glad to hear it was such a wonderful couple of days and I hope it's a fulfilling year ahead.

  12. Happy Birthday Laura!!!

  13. Birthdays are so wonderful! When my children were just wee ones we started celebrating the whole week instead of just one day. Our whole family including the grandchildren still do this. Nothing like a special week! Sounds like your 2 days were great now stretchhhhh them just a wee bit more!

  14. I can't believe your forty something, mumble mumble, you really look sooooo much younger.

    Happy belated Birthday from your upside down friend (who by the way is eeeeeven older!!).

    Sue xx


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