Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter folks!

Lloyd and I always have one of these at Easter
Let's just call it tradition!

Got up bright and early, weather is lovely, fed the many, many animals. Still no new baby alpaca... then made breakfast for Lloyd and I.

Had to laugh when I looked at the table!
The Macs are our equivalent of the morning newspaper!

I think we'll head off to the Sunday Market in Kerikeri for a wee meander around. Usually we don't actually get that much shopping done, we just meet people, every step you take there's someone else you know. It's really lovely. 

We may have some more animals arriving today. Since we decided to just 'do' alpacas, the grass has somewhat got away from us. There's grass everywhere. You need to wade through hip high grass to get anywhere. I am on a local email group - I just get emails if anyone has an abundance of anything, or needs help with something - whatever really. Well a few weeks ago an email came in from someone looking for grazing. I called Richard and he came and had a look. We decided that rather than pay us for the grazing he could do some ( a lot!) of fence maintenance and clearing of weeds and general stuff in the paddocks. To say he's worked hard would be an understatement. It's an arrangement that really suits all of us. After a few weeks of getting it ready, he's now good to go! So either today or tomorrow some cows and a horse are arriving! 
I am very excited about the horse!

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday, whatever you're up to.


  1. great helping system you have going there.

  2. What a great reciprocal arrangement to have, plus you will have the joy of more animals!


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