Friday, April 13, 2012

Meet the new additions!

I should really point out that a couple of them aren't ours, but Richard's who is using some of the paddocks for grazing.
There's Cactus - who is a Clydesdale cross. He's only 2.
 He's just a big gentle giant, who comes over for cuddles as soon as he sees you. Here he's pretending to eat but in reality he was actually seeing how near he could get to the alpacas - they were a lot more wary, but he just wanted to be friends.
 Usually he's in another paddock but Richard was working in this one so had him here for company. He's in the process of getting one of our larger yards cleared so he can use it for schooling Cactus.

And this is his dog  - she is the most affectionate wee thing and so well behaved.

Finally some of our own additions.
This is Conchita, one of the new Araucanas. They settled in perfectly. The putting them in their own wee house with run, inside the huge run always works perfectly. A few days for the other chickens to get used to them and that's all it takes. No fighting.
Conchita is actually by far the smaller of the two. And shes still very moulty!
Consuela is much bigger and is almost through her moult. But she wouldn't keep still. I have to say my 5 black araucanas
(and to a much lesser extent these 2) are the flightiest, most timid, chooks I have ever had. My bigger breed ones are much more placid and friendly.

And finally this is George. He is actually one of the wee chicks that were hatched at the beginning of November. He's grown somewhat!  George is a mixter maxter but the 5 girls that came from this hatching are all absolutely identical except one who has a brown neck. They are pitch black and all look exactly like black araucanas. They're not laying yet, but are beginning to get a bit of colour in their faces so you never know...

Pretty much all my older chickens are going through their moult just now. This is what a silver wyandottes bottom looks like! Joking aside, I'll have to keep an eye on her, it's the perfect target for the others to peck. If she goes completely bald there I may put her in her own house for a few days, for safety.


  1. Nothing worse than a peck on your bare know, if youre a chook that is.... :)

  2. Gorgeous George, well they are all lovely, by my, he is a handsome chappie!!

    Sue xx

  3. What a gorgeous crew, bare bottoms and all!

  4. Wow - that horse is magnificent :)

  5. What gorgeous new additions! we have araucanas too - I just love their blue eggs and fancy hair dos!

  6. Lovely horse and great chickens!!


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